Magnetic - Reversible Necklace - 24 combinations - red, grey, blue, green with grey drop

Sterling silver and resin clay necklace - with up to 24 colour/shape combinations - in red, grey, blue, green with grey drop

An innovative colourful sliver and resin clay necklace that uses strong magnets to create an interchangeable pendent that can be customised for dozens of outfits or moods.

* Hand made to order- can take up to two weeks to be delivered *
* Create up to 36 unique colour and shape combinations
* Hand craved surfaces
* Customisable for any outfit
* Can purchase additional sections for more colour and shape variations
* Each section is approximately 3cm high and two sections together is approximately 4.5/5.5cm wide depending on shape made
* Posted by registered post in the UK or International tracked

Each piece is handmade and finished by myself. Due to the nature of the handmade process the colours may vary slightly, but all pieces are finished to a high standard.

Warning- My necklaces have high powered magnets set within them and should not be warn by anyone whom has a mechanical medical device on their person, such as a pace maker. The magnetic field can interfere with the correct working of these devices.

Other colour combinations are available on request, some are listed on my page, but is you have a special occasion and require a particular colour combination, please email your request and I will do my very best to match it for your own unique personalised necklace.

All personalised colour commissions will require at least 10 additional days to create, please take this into consideration when ordering.

Thanks for viewing my work

Angelina Jane

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