I’m Angelina Jane Mouyiaris a Jewellery Artist and Lecturer. After graduating from the Hereford College of Arts with a BA (Hons) in Design Crafts, I have been working as an art Lecturer at the HCA ever since. The concept behind this current collection has been developed and refined over the last few years and has been realised into an exciting innovative body of work.

The concept behind this collection is to create sculptural jewellery with its roots in fine art. These pieces incorporate innovative design that enables elements to connect together in playful, interchangeable combinations with the use of magnets.

The ideas behind this work have a strong focus on narrative, memory, interactivity and innovation. My creative process starts with a quote or poem, spoken into a voice recording app. A screen shot of the sound waves is generated, and then hand drawn in abstract lines to interpret the pitches in the recording.

Once I have hand drawn the separate stanzas of a poem, colour palettes which are sympathetic are selected. From these illustrations certain shapes stand out and are developed into jewellery designs.

Initially the pieces were only made from silver and resin, but the materials used have developed further into a wider range of exciting outcomes. The latest additions are made out of hand sculpted Resin clay and sterling silver, all featuring bilateral coloured surfaces. This interesting material is used with hand mixed high grade pigments, hand carved and sanded to a semi matt finish.

The end result is a unique material fusion that evokes curiosity, and creates an active connection between the object and wearer in its versatility, encouraging interaction and a sense of play.